Transformed Healthcare dynamics through streamlined DICOM image processing, and gained exceptional success rates.

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They embarks on a groundbreaking mission to overcome the limitations of distance in healthcare by introducing an unprecedented innovation: the world's first remotely operated endovascular robot. With a singular goal of eradicating delays in cardiovascular emergencies, they bring together a consortium of international specialists, ensuring prompt and fair treatment for every patient.

Their ultimate objective was to empower healthcare providers and data scientists alike by providing processed DICOM files that had masked PHI (protected health information).

Image of We Achieved 99% Success in Accelerating DICOM Handling 2
Image of We Achieved 99% Success in Accelerating DICOM Handling 1

Project Information




San Francisco, USA

Technologies Used

DataBricks, V7 Labs


Emerging Tech

Key Challenges We Addressed
What solution did We Provide?
DICOM Processing Acceleration

Leveraged AWS services, including S3 buckets, Lambda functions, and SQS, to expedite DICOM file processing.

PHI Masking for Privacy Protection

Executed a robust PHI masking process, converting identifiable information into hash keys.

Integration with External Platforms

Integrated Redbricks and V7 Labs to enhance data processing and visualization capabilities.

Future-Ready Architecture

Ensured scalability and integration of diverse data sets efficiently.

User-friendly and Query System

Developed a dynamic user interface offering a personalized experience.

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