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It is a clinical decision support platform that transforms childbirth in healthcare. The platform’s core functionality is its predictive power in estimating delivery time for pregnant women. By recording patient data and leveraging machine learning, the platform offers accurate delivery time estimates.

Project Information



Technologies Used

Auth0, Azure Active Directory Connect, HL7 FHIR, SMART, Firebase, React JS, Python, React Native


Electronic Health Records

Key Challenges We Addressed
What Solution Did We Provide?
EPIC Integration for Streamlined Processes

EPIC integration streamlines patient information entry, while the launch of the SMART-ON FHIR app guarantees real-time data updates.

Data Exchange and Decision-making Support

Ensured the exchange of data between the two systems is structured and follows a standardized format.

Post-delivery Examinations and Data Collection

Automated post-delivery examinations and data collection which helped in automatically updating EPIC with infant details, procedures, and health conditions.

Secure Data

HL7 protocols act as a common language in healthcare, ensuring structured data exchange. They define a message format with designated fields and standardized codes for data like diagnoses or medications.

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