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Mindbowser’s Clinical Trial Solutions redefines the patient experience in clinical trial management. We prioritize user engagement, ensuring that participants are not just subjects but active contributors to the success of your research. We help you design clinical trial apps to simplify the trial journey, making it more accessible and participant-friendly.

Our Range of Clinical Trial Solutions

Customized Clinical Trial Apps

Customized Clinical Trial Apps

Our expert team specializes in crafting customized clinical trial apps that cater to the unique needs of your research. We prioritize user- centric design, ensuring effortless navigation and an intuitive user experience for both researchers and participants.

Hybrid Clinical Trials Solutions

Hybrid Clinical Trials Solutions

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of clinical research with our hybrid clinical trial solutions. Our innovative approach combines traditional and digital methodologies, providing a flexible and adaptive environment for your trials.

Clinical Trial Patient Engagement App

Clinical Trial Management Software

Efficiently manage every aspect of your clinical trials with our expertise in clinical trial management software development. From participant recruitment to data analysis, we can help you streamline processes, reduce manual efforts, and accelerate trial timelines.

App for Clinical Trials Monitoring Report

App for Clinical Trials Monitoring Report

Monitor and analyze trial progress effortlessly with our expertise in developing specialized apps for clinical trial monitoring reports. Gain real-time insights, track milestones, and make data-driven decisions to ensure the success of your clinical trials.

Al in Clinical Trials

AI in Clinical Trials

Explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical research with us. Our Al solutions enhance efficiency, automate repetitive tasks, and facilitate data analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions faster.

Clinical Trial Patient Engagement App

Clinical Trial Patient Engagement App

We develop clinical trial patient engagement apps to increase participant involvement and retention. Create personalized experiences, deliver timely information, and encourage a sense of community among your study participants.

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Why Choose us for Clinical Trial Solutions

Icon of Expertise in Deep Domain Expertise

Expertise in Healthcare Technology

Choose us for clinical trial solutions, healthcare tech expertise assures seamless integration and scalable solutions.

Icon of Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

We offer customized clinical trial solutions to meet your specific needs for optimal outcomes.

Icon of Seamless Integration and Scalability

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Trust us for seamless integration & scalable solutions ensuring efficiency & growth.

Icon of Compliance and Security

Compliance and Security Assurance

Ensure compliance & security with our clinical trial solutions for peace of mind.

Icon of Design Thinking Led Approach

Design Thinking Led Approach

Choose us for design thinking led approach for innovative clinical trial solutions.

Icon of Healthcare Learning Center

Healthcare Learning Center

Access our healthcare learning center for valuable insights & updates.

Icon of Quality Boost Through Automation

Quality Boost Through Automation

Boost quality & efficiency with our automation-driven clinical trial solutions.

Icon of Clear and Open Pricing Structure

Clear and Open Pricing Structures

We ensure transparency & simplicity with clear & open pricing structures.

The HealthConnect Advantage

Streamlining Clinical Trial Data Collection and Analysis with Enhanced Security

HealthConnect is a healthcare interoperability solution offered by Mindbowser. It can bring together electronic health records (EHRs) from various systems and wearable devices like Fitbits and Apple Watches. This combined information helps doctors give patients more personalized care.

What HealthConnect Could Do for You?

HealthConnect acts as a central hub, securely collecting data from various sources like EHR systems, wearable devices, and electronic data capture (EDC) platforms used in clinical trials.

HealthConnect uses FHIR format to ensure data consistency and facilitate seamless exchange between different systems.

Researchers and clinical trial managers have real-time access to complete and standardized data, enabling faster analysis and informed decision-making.

HealthConnect's HIPAA compliance and robust security features ensure patient data privacy throughout the research process.

HealthConnect Highlights

Streamlined data collection and analysis lead to faster completion of clinical trials, accelerating potential breakthroughs.

Reduced manual entry and standardized data format minimize errors and enhance data quality for reliable analysis.

Real-time data monitoring allows for quicker identification of potential risks and ensures patient safety during trials.

Automation and faster trial completion translate to reduced overall costs associated with clinical research.

Compliance-Driven Services

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Image of EHRConnect


EHRConnect provides a robust API/SDK for effortless integration with major EHR systems such as EPIC and Cerner, ensuring secure data exchange with advanced authentication and authorization protocols. Its support for diverse FHIR endpoints enhances data interoperability, facilitating efficient communication.

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Image of PHISecure


PHISecure is a comprehensive solution dedicated to safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) within healthcare systems, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA. Its advanced encryption and access control features offer robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive patient data.

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Image of WearConnect


WearConnect is a wearable technology platform facilitating seamless integration between wearable devices and various applications, enhancing user experience and data accessibility. It enables efficient communication and data exchange, empowering users to leverage the full potential of their wearable devices.

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Image of SecureSphere


SecureSphere provides a holistic infrastructure management solution, facilitating swift deployment within hours. It prioritises compliance, scalability, and high performance. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates advanced monitoring tools, underscoring a commitment to security and reliability throughout the infrastructure.

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What are clinical trial apps?

Clinical trial apps transform the way research is conducted and experienced. These handy tools are like your personal research assistants, packed with features that connect you to relevant trials, guide you through the process, simplify data collection, enhance communication, and boost engagement.

How much does research and development cost for an app?

App R&D costs vary wildly, from simple tools under $10k to complex projects exceeding $1 million. Factors like features, platform, development team location, and desired launch speed all play a role. So, before diving in, define your app’s scope and get tailored quotes! Consider it an investment in your app’s future; think long-term value, not just the initial price!

What is the use of apps in clinical research?

Clinical research apps are like supercharged assistants, boosting studies by helping in data collection, connecting patients and researchers, engaging & empowering, and streamlining studies.

Do clinical trials need to be HIPAA compliant?

Absolutely! Protecting patient privacy is most important in any healthcare setting, and clinical trials are no exception. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets strict standards for safeguarding protected health information (PHI), which includes any individually identifiable data about a person’s health. For clinical trials, this means informed consent, data security measures, and limited disclosures.

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