We Offered a Cost and Resources Efficient Solution by Scaling their Existing Team

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A US-based client who focuses on simplifying ongoing education management for healthcare providers. The platform enables doctors and administrators to track and store CMEs and state licenses securely, ensuring compliance and staying updated with credentials. To solve staff burnout, the platform provides solutions to make the administration easy for medical practitioners.

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What Key Challenges We Addressed?
What Process We Implemented?

We offered a team augmentation model to the client, allowing them to scale their teams efficiently and meet their technical requirements.

Employed Agile Scrum approach ensuring iterative development, frequent communication, and flexibility to adapt to evolving needs.

Overcome the challenge of physician burnout by offering a platform that simplifies the process of updating certifications and continuous learning.

Provided tools for medical institutions to manage their workforce efficiently, optimize resource allocation, and offer targeted educational opportunities.

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