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We understand that the needs of different healthcare stakeholders can vary significantly.



We help you build patient engagement solutions that give patients more control over their health, leading to better overall outcomes. These solutions can improve communication, medication adherence, and patient satisfaction.

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Streamline your operations and save money with our complete set of payer solutions. Our healthcare IT solutions make transactions easy and improve performance, all designed to fit your specific needs.

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Improve patient care and make your hospital run smoother with our provider services. We offer electronic health records, telemedicine, mHealth and other advanced technology to give your practice a boost.

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Healthcare Product Engineering & Digital Transformation Services
We Offer Different Services

Improve patient care and optimize operations in healthcare with our custom healthcare IT solutions. We offer everything from electronic medical records (EMR) to telemedicine to fit your needs.

Why Choose Us for Your Healthcare IT Needs

We understand that choosing the right healthcare IT partner is crucial. Here's what sets us apart

Icon of Expertise in Deep Domain Expertise

Deep Domain Expertise

Benefit from our deep industry knowledge and expertise gained through years of dedicated experience in healthcare IT.

Icon of Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Customized Solutions

Our healthcare IT solutions are designed to address your specific challenges and objectives, ensuring optimal performance.

Icon of Seamless Integration and Scalability

Seamless Integration

Experience hassle-free integration with existing systems and the flexibility to scale as your needs evolve without disruption.

Icon of Compliance and Security

Compliance Assurance

Our healthcare IT solutions adhere to the highest standards of compliance and security, safeguarding your sensitive data.

Icon of Design Thinking Led Approach

Design Thinking-Led Approach

We approach every project with a design-thinking mindset, prioritizing user experience and engagement to drive successful outcomes.

Icon of Healthcare Learning Center

Healthcare Learning

Stay ahead of the curve with our healthcare learning center, providing valuable insights and resources to empower your team.

Icon of Quality Boost Through Automation

Quality Boost Through Automation

Embrace automation for efficient workflows and better care. Our healthcare IT solutions minimize errors and optimize resources, enhancing quality.

Icon of Clear and Open Pricing Structure

Clear and Open Pricing Structures

Our pricing structures are straightforward and transparent, ensuring you know exactly what you're investing in without any surprises.

Solution Accelerators
Image of EHRConnect


EHRConnect provides a robust API/SDK for effortless integration with major EHR systems such as EPIC and Cerner, ensuring secure data exchange with advanced authentication and authorization protocols. Its support for diverse FHIR endpoints enhances data interoperability, facilitating efficient communication.

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Image of PHISecure


PHISecure is a comprehensive solution dedicated to safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) within healthcare systems, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA. Its advanced encryption and access control features offer robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive patient data.

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Image of WearConnect


WearConnect is a wearable technology platform facilitating seamless integration between wearable devices and various applications, enhancing user experience and data accessibility. It enables efficient communication and data exchange, empowering users to leverage the full potential of their wearable devices.

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Image of SecureSphere


SecureSphere provides a holistic infrastructure management solution, facilitating swift deployment within hours. It prioritises compliance, scalability, and high performance. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates advanced monitoring tools, underscoring a commitment to security and reliability throughout the infrastructure.

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Integration Expertise

Compliance-Driven Services

Our Clients​
HealthTech with Purpose - Podcast Series

Gain Insights from Top Healthcare CXOs

CXO Insights: Healthcare Webinars
Unlocking Healthcare Success in 2024: The AI Implementation Blueprint

What We’ve Covered?

  • Understanding the GenAI Revolution in Healthcare
  • Learning from AI Pioneers: Real-World Case Studies
  • Practical Strategies for Your Healthcare Business
  • The Future of AI in Healthcare: Emerging Trends and Priorities
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The API Revolution: How Healthcare is Getting Smarter

What We’ve Covered?

  • Exploring Diverse Healthcare APIs
  • Benefits of Using Healthcare APIs
  • Challenges of Using Healthcare APIs
  • Uncovering Real-world Examples with Case Studies
  • Future Trends and Opportunities
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Got Any Questions?
1 What are the benefits of using Mindbowser's Healthcare IT Solutions and Services?
Our healthcare IT solutions and services can help healthcare organizations:
1. Improve operational efficiency
2. Reduce costs
3. Enhance patient care quality
4. Improve data security and privacy Increase patient satisfaction
2 How can Mindbowser help me with my specific healthcare IT needs?
We offer a consultative approach to understand your specific needs and develop customised solutions.We can help you with:
1. Needs assessment
2. Solution design and development
3. Implementation and integration
4. Training and support
3 Are Mindbowser's healthcare IT solutions compliant with industry regulations such as HIPAA?
Yes, ensuring compliance with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a top priority for us. Our healthcare IT solutions are built with robust security measures to safeguard patient data and adhere to all relevant regulatory requirements.
4 What are the types of healthcare industry?
The healthcare industry encompasses various sectors that cater to different aspects of healthcare delivery and support. Some of the primary types of healthcare industry include Providers (hospitals, clinics), Payers (insurance companies), Technology (software, devices), Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Support Services (billing, staffing).
5 Do you sign an NDA?
Yes, we do. Our developers too are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.

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