Automating Data Extraction While Building A Web Scraper for Health & Fitness Organization

Know About Our Client

Our client is a US-based health and fitness service provider, also the world’s first membership-sharing platform. The platform allows gym and studio members to sell their unused days, reducing costs and offering affordable passes for various fitness activities. The company targets the global gym industry and plans to incorporate additional membership in sports, wellness, and amusement.

Project Information



Technologies Used:

Python, Schedule Lib, Beautiful Soup


Wellness & Fitness

What Key Challenges We Addressed?
What Process Did We Apply?

Started by understanding the needs and objectives related to data extraction from multiple competitors.

Implemented the right tools and analytics solutions to set up an automation process for extraction.

Built systems to transform raw data from gym websites into business insights, making data usable for fitness experts.

Improved performance and applied continuous maintenance program to refine the data extraction on a frequent basis.

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