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Know About Our Client

Founded by the Brasseler brothers in 1923 in Lemgo, Germany, the client has grown from a modest enterprise into a global leader in dentistry. With over a century of experience, the client is dedicated to realizing the vision of perfect dental care. Renowned for high-quality solutions and services, it continues to innovate, ensuring optimal results for dental professionals worldwide.

Project Information



Technologies Used

Python, Scrapy, Power BI, Azure


Dental IT Solutions

What Key Challenges We Addressed?
What Solution Have We Implemented?
Web Scraping for Data Collection

Employed web scraping principles to systematically extract the required data from the competitors.

Data Processing and Structuring

We structured the database to create a foundation for data visualization, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of the collected data.

Power BI Dashboard

Developed a dynamic PowerBI dashboard featuring key fields such as competition details, product names, and categories.

Automated Data Update

Ensured scalability and relevance of insights by implementing an automated data update pipeline at regular intervals.

Employed prompt engineering techniques to fine-tune the LLM integration.

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