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A fitness and wellness company offering fitness classes, nutritional coaching, stress management, and a unique fitness data-tracking app and software. The app empowers users by providing live heart rate streaming, workout results tracking, and personalized measurement features. With a strong emphasis on accountability and personalized support, the platform aims to build meaningful relationships with its clients, guiding them toward holistic well-being across various aspects of life.

Project Information




Medical Device

What Key Challenges We Addressed?
What Solution We Provided?

Resolved Android BLE connectivity issues, enabling integration of heart monitoring for real-time fitness tracking and analysis.

Implemented features to monitor, track, and record fitness metrics in real time, allowing users to sync their heart rate data and view live workouts.

Developed a monthly calendar feature to store workout data, heart rate results, and measurements, providing users with a view of their fitness journey.

Enabled users to compete with friends and family based on their basis on heart rate analysis, improving user engagement and motivation.

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