Leveraging Machine Learning and AWS Integration for Accurate Outcome Metrics

Know About Our Client

Utilizing a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, the application offers real-time assessment of patient outcomes, guiding intervention decisions. Partnering with medical centers and industry leaders, the application conducts clinical trials to establish the link between activity data and patient health, aiming to redefine outcomes assessments and treatment efficiency.

Project Information



Technologies Used

DataBricks, V7 Labs,


Clinical Trials

Key Challenges We Addressed
What Solution Did We Provide?

Utilized AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and API Gateway to develop a serverless API, ensuring scalability and cost-effectiveness.

We then created a customized data visualization dashboard to represent the patient data reporting, facilitating easy monitoring of post-operative progress.

The integration of Health Kit seamlessly synchronized patient data with the database, improving data accuracy and accessibility.

Developed a mobile application for patients and two web portals for super admin and care providers, which provide access and management of patient data.

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