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A exclusive solution, introduced in 2013, addressed long wait times for interpreters in healthcare settings, reducing delays by over 50%. The platform transformed service delivery in healthcare, streamlining patient flows, improving provider satisfaction, and ultimately enhancing patient experiences. With adavnced technology and intuitive features, the platform optimizes workflows across different healthcare settings, ensuring faster attention and personalized care for patients.

Image of Innovating Patient Care While Enhancing Service Delivery
Image of Innovating Patient Care While Enhancing Service Delivery

Project Information



Technologies Used

React, React Native, AWS, Docker, Java, SpringBoot, MySQL



Key Challenges We Addressed
What Solution did we Provide?

Incorporated a cloud-based management application to streamline the process of managing requests from multiple hospital associates.

An interpreter module was integrated to facilitate language support requests.

Provided real-time updates and tracking features, enabling associates to evaluate the progress of their requests.

Integrated a chat section into the application for real-time communication and support between associates, doctors, and interpreters.

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