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Know About Our Client

A health insurtech startup aimed to create an innovative platform that reduces healthcare costs for employer-sponsored plans, accelerates payment cycles for providers and offers patients 24/7 access to primary care and telemedicine specialists. Powered by AI, their web application combines the convenience of selecting doctors with instant billing and payment options, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and accessibility.

Project Information



Technologies Used:

Stripe, Python-Celery, Basecamp


Health Insurance Solutions

What Key Challenges We Addressed?
What Solution Have We Implemented?

Implemented the ACH payment system into the platform to enable direct transactions and bill payments.

The account verification and authorization solutions ensured secure and accurate transactions, including routing number, account number, and account type.

Developed a payment system with a faster processing time and made direct payment workflows.

It improved platform functionality by enabling seamless payments for different transactions, improving user experience.

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