How Mindbowser Enhanced Healthcare Decision-Making with Advanced Data Visualization

Know About Our Client

A leading provider of advanced medical devices for hospitals and healthcare providers, dedicated to improving medical diagnostics and patient care. Their commitment to transforming healthcare includes offering efficient solutions for tracking and managing distributed devices.

With the emphasized partnership with the platform, healthcare providers can benefit from access to advanced equipment and comprehensive dashboards that streamline device management and provide valuable insights.

Project Information




Supply Chain


Power BI, Power Query, DAX, 365 admin portal, PostgreSQL

What Key Challenges We Addressed?
What Process We Implemented?

Integrated and transformed medical device data from the database using Power BI’s data integration capabilities.

Implemented role-based access control within the dashboard to ensure data integrity and restrict unauthorized access.

Leveraged Power BI’s data modeling functionality to establish clear data hierarchies and relationships.

Introduced key features such as auto data refresh, row-level security, and drill-through functionality to improve data accuracy and user experience.

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